The Program

The Montgomery County Youth Orchestra provides talented young musicians an orchestral experience at an advanced and intensive level. Using the Baroque, Classical and Romantic repertoire, players learn the basic rudiments of music, theory and form.

The Objectives

MCYO is dedicated to the following objectives:
To provide a challenge to serious young musicians who are studying with private teachers or are involved in music at their school.
To develop the artistic and technical performance skills of the players
To offer a forum for players to experience functioning in a group of similarly dedicated peers.
To provide the opportunity to participate in concerts for live audiences.
To experience performing the works of great composers.

The Methods

Rehearsals provide a learning experience in ensemble, style, intonation and sight reading.
Players learn the skills necessary for an artistic performance by analyzing musical phrasing and rhythm.
The musicians develop the discipline, confidence and poise required to perform well in an ensemble, and become aware of the range and depth of orchestral music.
Rotated seating provides the experience of playing high and low parts.