MCYO Composer-in-Residence

Ajibola Jeremy Rivers was born in 1993 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began playing the cello at age nine and decided on a career in music in his Sophomore year in High School. In the same year, he was introduced to Music Theory and Composition and found a new creative outlet having been a creative writer since 5th Grade. Ajibola graduated from PWHS in 2012, winning the prestigious Colonial Orchestra Award.

Ajibola is a Senior at Temple University's Boyer College of Music and Dance. He is pursuing a degree in Music Performance with a concentration in Cello, studying under Udi Bar-David of The Philadelphia Orchestra. He is a well-rounded musician with a wide variety of performance experiences, and an artist who actively searches out new ways to showcase his musical ideas and his instrument. Ajibola has experimented with many genres of music, including classical, jazz, country folk, Celtic, and traditional music of different cultures from around the world. He has competed both in the U.S. and internationally achieving the PMEA Allstate Orchestra two years in a row and winning the prestigious Concerto and Soloist competitions in Orfeo, Italy in 2013. His musical journey contributes greatly to his performance as a cellist and has also opened new doors for his composing interests. He loves everything about studying at the Boyer College of Music and Dance and is looking forward to a blossoming professional career in the world of the arts.

Recently, Ajibola composed a choral piece titled 'Open Your Eyes' for Professor Christine Bass of the Choral Studies Department at Temple University. This piece was premiered at the Temple University Performing Arts Center on April 20, 2016. In July 2015, Ajibola hosted the 'July Jam'; a creative showcase featuring local artists for whom he has written or arranged music. The show took place at Melodies Cafe in Ardmore, PA.

Ajibola Rivers has been a member of the MCYO since 2004 and Principal Cellist of MCYO since 2008. He is honored to compose a piece for MCYO and looks forward to playing and working on it with the ensemble.